Sunday, 6 December 2009

Cheryl Cole me!

Just watched the new video from Cheryl Cole's new single 3 words! loved that song before but i love it even more now! the direction is innovative. Those flawlessly edited moving double frames just genius!

The wardrobe on the other hand ain't so good! Well sack the stylist comes to mind! and especially those ill-fitted wigs! hideous! just hideous! Oh Cheryl you look amazing in your own hair why did you allow them to stick some cheap wigs on and call it chic?

I still love the song! love the dancing ! love the lyrics and especially loves the direction! We want more Cheryl! x

Monday, 23 November 2009

I want a dog!

i want a dog! I made the mistake and i went to the pet shop yesterday to juat have a look! Well i did have a look but i also fell in love with one of them! A tiny little blonde pom-chi! It was the cutest dog ever! When i picked him up he started licking me and destressing my McQueen scarf! Not just a dog! A dog with fashion aesthetics!

i am still waiting to find out if we are alowed any small animals in my building! What if i go back and he is taken away by some ugly little child with spots? I will be so sad!

I will keep you posted!


Friday, 20 November 2009

I hate banks!

What happened to the bankers? Why have they becomed into those greed monsters? They charge you for everything nowdays! You have used your card afterhours £25 you have paid too fast £25 you remember your pin £25 you used an ATM &25 etc

Well please can you go back to those old guys with white hair round glasses and bow ties? The nice bankers with those green visor hats? Please

So HSBC in case you are looking for someone to revamp your greedy empire let me know! I will do it for free as long as you stop charging me for everything!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Love the i-phone!

Well you have to admit that apple kicks some ass when there is an application for anything! I have just downloaded the app for blogging on the go! Loves it! You can read posts post and have some fun on the boring moments at work! Now i can enjoy all the bloggs i love on the go! Happy days x

The "Fourth kind" !

i went to the cinema yesterday to watch the fourth kind, little did i know that i will be watching one of the most scary movies of the year! what can i say i am happy that i didn't drink diet coke cause i would have wee my pants many times!

the film is based in a remote town in Alaska where a series of unexplained thing are happening and psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler began videotaping sessions with traumatized patients discovering some of the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented. disturbing doesn't even cover it!

it made me think! and i believe is one of the most innovative ways of filming ever! you soooooo have to go and watch it and make your own minds of what actually happened!

here is a little preview, its scary....

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lady GAGA you send me GAGA!

that is what i'm talking about! music and fashion fusion! that is one of the best videos ever! please Madonna with all do respect make some space for the new favorite musical fashionista! yes madonna you may have rocked the balmain and vuitton but who can compete with McQueen!

the McQueen pieces from his spring 2010 collection insane! the reptile digitally printed dresses with those sky high armadillo shoes! what can i say! Lady GAGA we love you but McQueen we love you more!


The very begining of my blog!

Well it was about time to enter the blogger world! whats more exiting than a place that you can update your status with more than 140 characters! what more can you ask! another free of charge electronic shrink!

now that i have sort of establish the blog space although lots of work needs doing i can express all my feelings anytime of the day!

that's the end of my first blog!

keep you posted